Regenerate Thumbnails

Hi there. May I suggest using Jetpack’s Photon module instead of this plugin? Photon will use’s servers to generate thumbnail images for you on-demand in whatever size is needed. This means that you don’t need to use my plugin to generate new thumbnail images when you switch themes, change thumbnail sizes, or anything else!

Don’t want to use Jetpack? That’s okay too. My plugin still works just fine.

Plugin Description:

Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to regenerate the thumbnails for all of your image attachments. This is very handy if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions (via Settings → Media) or switched to a new theme with different featured image sizes after previously uploading images.



745 thoughts on “Regenerate Thumbnails

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  4. Hi
    the generated thumbnails have a bigger filesize than the originals – sometimes twice as much.
    Is there a way to fix this? Settings? functions.php?
    regards axel

  5. Is there a way to set the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to crop the images from the top? For example, I have many rectangular images (both portrait and landscape) and I set the thumbnails to be square. And the thumbnails are cropping the image from the center. I would prefer they be cropped from the top.

  6. Please help me

    I was create a project to add custom topics as a wordpress posts with one image as a featured image for this post but when I open the category of this post I can’t see the thumbnail of the post , so I need to add the thumbnail info in postmeta table with “_wp_attachment_metadata” in meta_key but not from wordpress functions I need to add it from external php file without plugins to make it make automatic
    So Can you help me Pleeeeeeeeease ?

    • OR how I make som change in your plugin to auto Regenerate Thumbnails for anew posts published or with any condition you want to detect my new posts coming from php project not from “add post form” in wordpress dashboard ?

  7. Hi,
    I have a woocommerce site with 3247 image files.
    I am needing to run your plugin, but I see that you state that the old files are not removed.
    This will give me 6494 image files.
    As you can imagine, going through these files to delete the old ones will be a major task.
    Can you advise as to how to do this correctly from within your plugin ?
    Best regards

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