New Zealand Anti-Speeding Advertisement

Here’s a great anti-speeding advertisement out of New Zealand that really makes you think:


Pretty great mini-web series from Chris Wylde. Even though I’m not a parent I still found it quite funny. I’m sure parents will find it even more so.

Warning: lots of mature language so wear headphones if any kiddos are around. ;)

Great SRT Commercial

A pretty cool advertisement from SRT, Chrysler’s new performance brand that the Viper is now branded under:

I want to go hug my Viper now.

UPDATE: Longer version!

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Single Is Out

A single called “Get Lucky” off the upcoming Daft Punk album “Random Access Memories” came out earlier today and it is absolutely epic. We’ve been hearing samples of it over the past couple weeks/months but it’s great to finally here it in it’s complete form. I’m so pumped for the full album, due out May 21st!