WordPress License Plates

I moved my “IM STIG” license plates over to my Dodge Viper so I had to get new plates for my Ford Mustang. What to get on my plates this time around seemed like an obvious choice! :)

WordPress License Plates

UPDATE: It looks like I’m the fifth sixth person to get WordPress license plates! Ryan Duff (Pennsylvania), Jonathan Dingman (California), Michael Torbert (North Carolina), AJ Morris (Michigan), and Jesse Friedman (Rhode Island) also have them. Awesome. :cool:


The weather was nice enough to get out and have a little fun tonight. :)

Fulfilling A 17+ Year Dream

Ever since I was 10 years old (if not longer), I’ve wanted a Dodge Viper. I fell in love with the car as a kid and had models of the car growing up. I even picked my username based on the car. Never did I dream that I would actually own one someday though but thanks to saving for years and having a great job, I finally accomplished my 17+ year dream.

I took delivery of it a week ago and am so happy!

You can find more details as well as video over on the page I have dedicated to the car.