WordPress Appearance On “Orphan Black”

In the latest episode of the great TV show Orphan Black, a character is searching for something on the Internet and is for some reason viewing search results in the form of HTML (ooo, what a hacker!). If you look at the stylesheet URLs, you’ll notice “wp-content”, a sign that it’s a WordPress-powered site!

WordPress On "Orphan Black"

Before you bother to check, the domain is registered in real life but there’s no site there, WordPress or otherwise.

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25,000 Miles

When I got my Viper on March 23, 2012, it had a mere 9,299 miles on it. That’s well under 2,000 miles a year. I don’t understand why people buy a car like this and then don’t drive it!

In the time since I got it however, I have driven all over including a 3,100 mile road trip to San Diego and back. Finally last night I rolled the odometer over to 25,000 miles.

25,000 Miles

That’s about 7,500 miles a year. Not bad!

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