Spectacular Jet Fighter Videos

The first video has about 30 seconds of black and white bomb footage from Afghanistan. If you’d rather not see that, skip to 2:10.

“Spinning A Mountain”

A pretty cool video of all sides of one of the local and gorgeous mountains, Mt. Hood:

An Interior Google Maps Streetview Look At Automattic’s Lounge

While everyone at Automattic works from home, we do have a lounge in San Francisco for hosting the local employees as well as hosting various events. We recently finished working with a photographer to get interior views of it up on Google Maps. Check it out!

You can click to move around our lounge and even go upstairs! Very cool.

It’s normally pretty empty like that but we completely filled the place about a month ago during our full company grand meetup:


“Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate”

Red Bull always makes such cool videos and their latest one doesn’t disappoint. This guy is so talented — I wish I could ride just half as good!

Want more? Check out this previous Red Bull video that also features Danny MacAskill.