Ken Block Is So Damn Badass

Ken Block is one of the top drivers in the Rally America Championship if you hadn’t heard of him.

7 thoughts on “Ken Block Is So Damn Badass

  1. Ozh on November 13th, 2008 at 3:15 PM wrote:

    OT: I noticed that syndicated this post yet it’s not filed in category WP. The reason is that now redirects to your feedburner feed (note that it may have been the case for long… I just didn’t notice because you always write about WP:)

    Any chance I can have access to a non-redirected feed about WP? (tried wp-feed.php?category=wordpress as well)

    I used to have FeedBurner set up to scrape my site via wp-rss2.php and then I’d redirect /feed/ via .htaccess. However with WordPress 2.7, it redirects wp-rss2.php to /feed/, so I threw together a plugin that redirects feeds to FeedBurner unless a bypass key is passed.

    I completely forgot about category and comment archives though when writing my little custom plugin. I’ll fix it now. Sorry about that.

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